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Based in Portland, Oregon, 420RADIO is a 24/7 420-flavored music network that connects you to the best in Rock-N-Roll, Stoner Rock, Funk, Heavy Metal, Jamband, and more! More than just music, we feature live shows and inside coverage of the cannabis and music worlds, including interviews, education and event coverage.

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Urb Thrasher Flower Hour
Urb Thrasher
Portland, Oregon
Urb Thrasher Flower Hour is two hours of unrestrained rock, metal, punk, and alt-country music, interviews, with America’s Hardest Rocking Marijuana Activist Stoner, Urb Thrasher.
 Big Daddy Fink’s Funky Roller Rink
Big Daddy Fink
Atlanta, Georgia
Big Daddy Fink’s Funky Roller Rink is an animated show taking you back to the days of bell bottoms and roller disco, featuring the best funk, soul, and R&B music with your host, Big Daddy.
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